Kru Mark Klemm

Kru Mark Klemm is a distinguished Muay Thai fighter and teacher, having won belts in multiple weight classes and having trained martial arts champions all over the northeast.

Originally from Baltimore, Kru Mark began his Muay Thai training in Boston after serving in the United States Navy. After winning a few fights, Kru Mark took his practice to the next level by making annual trips to Thailand, training at distinguished gyms such as Por Pramuk, 13 Coins, Chaiya, Fairtex, and Sinbi.  In Thailand, Klemm realized that he wished to dedicate his life to Muay Thai and its instruction, and, under the Thai Government and the World Muay Thai Federation, he earned the official certification to teach, along with title of "Kru." 

Kru Mark taught Muay Thai to students of all ages and skill levels in Boston for 8 years.  His students frequently won Muay Thai and MMA titles, and some went on to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

In accordance with his dedication to public safety, Kru Mark frequently held Muay Thai seminars for members of the Boston Police Department.  He also was a boxing coach for the Massachusetts state police boxing team. 

Along with his extensive ring experience, Kru Mark's discipline, emphasis on technique, and dedication to his student's progress make him one of the best Muay Thai instructors the United States has to offer. 


I.C.E  Light Heavyweight Champion

W.M.O Super Middleweight Champion